FAQ, help questions

A list of common problems and their solutions can be found in the FAQ. You can ask your questions here.

Knowledge base

A wiki contains manuals, tutorials and more.


We also provide a free community support through the forums.

Real Time Chat (IRC)

To access IRC, you’ll need an IRC client: if you don’t have one, you may want to install XChat. Once you have a client, you can talk to other users in real time by joining in the #gephi channel on Freenode. An online client that runs in your browser also exists.

Online documentation

* Supported Graphs Formats (GEXF, GDF, Pajek, DOT, GraphML, UCINET, CSV…)

* Tutorials

* Requirements

* Detect and fix graphical problems

* Install Java 6 on Mac OS X Leopard

Bug reports

Please help us to improve the quality by reporting bugs. First, search the bug list to see if someone has already reported it. If not, submit a bug report.

You can also subscribe to our bug mailing list.

Feature requests

Until Gephi team has regularly to take coffee cures, Gephi is incomplete. You may review feature requests and create new ones too.