Gephi is a cross-platform application, as it is developed in Java. It was successfully tested on many different architecture, OS and graphical configuration. Gephi requires Java version 6 and later, get it here.

Minimum hardware requirements

500 MHz CPU + 128 MB RAM + OpenGL 1.2
There is no absolute minimum. This is a practical minimum. Performance is a function of graph size.

Network size
(nodes + edges)
~Memory suggested
~1000 128mo
~10,000 512mo
~100,000 2go
~1M >8go

Note that Gephi has been successfully tested on Netbooks, running on Intel® Atom.


Gephi uses an OpenGL 3D engine to speed up graph visualization. However a compatible graphic card is required. If your graphic card is older than 5 years, or if your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphic card, you may have to upgrade your hardware to run Gephi.

If you’re running on Linux, get latest vendor graphical drivers to ensure OpenGL hardware acceleration.

Mac OS X

Java 1.6 is unfortunately only available on 64-bit Intel Macs. The community is waiting for a full 1.6 support.

For Macs that can have Java 6, see how to enable it: Install Java 6 on Mac OS X Leopard

Note that Soylatte/OpenJDK isn’t supported.